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Professional Pet Grooming at Very Affordable Pricing for Today's Economy!

 ARFordable Pet Grooming Prices

 What Each Type of Pet Groom consists of:

 Prices are examples only, your pet may be more or may be less,

I cannot quote an exact price without seeing your pet

Bath & Brush includes: Nails,Ears,PawPads,Sanitary,bath,brush

Mini Pet Groom includes: all of the above plus light trim around head, face & eyes

Full Pet Groom includes: all of the above & complete hair cut, pattern and also includes anal glands extracted (25 lbs. & under) also includes bows or bandana & cologne

Please see Weight and Size Chart examples Weight and Size Examples


Bath & Brush

Small = $15-$20

Medium = $25-$30

Large  = $35-$40

X-Large 60 lbs. & Up = $45 & up

 Mini Pet Groom

Small  = $20-$25

Medium = $25-$35

Large = $45-$50

X-Large 60 lbs. & Up = $55 & up

 Full Pet Groom

Small = $40-$45

Medium = $45-$50

Large = $50-$55

X-Large 60 lbs. & Up = $65.00 & up

Shave downs  $65 & up

(Lab, Chow, Husky & Standard Poodle)

Any Giant Breeds please call for a price quote.

Please see Weight and Size Chart examples Weight and Size Examples 

We are no longer grooming any new cats at the moment.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Bath & Brush = $35.00

Shave Down = $65-$75

Lion, Sunflower or Puss & Boots Style cut



It will be extra for Matted (knots) Pet's

(depending upon severity of the matting)

Don't need a bath or groom

Nails clipped for only $8.00 Small, $12.00 Large

Clipped & Dremeled $11.00 Small, $15.00 Large

Add ons:


Nails Painted $12.00

Nails Dremeled $11-$15 (includes nail cutting)

Ear Cleaning $10-$15

Teeth Brushed $8.00 (comes with toothbrush)

Bow or Bandana & Cologne $2.00

Anal Glands (25 lbs. & under) $10.00

Additional $8.00 - $12.00 Fee for Flea Bath

Additional $5.00 - $10.00 De-Shedding

Additional $5.00 & up Fee for Matted pets

Specialty & Medicated Shampoos $8-$12

(Prices are estimate only, your pet may be more, may be less, I cannot quote an exact price without seeing your pet)

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Owner/Pet Groomer:

Carrie Stinchcomb

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Proof of rabies vaccine may be required

Again, please understand that these prices are only estimates but as close to correct as I can possibly quote without seeing your pet. Prices are going to be depending on breed, type of coat, condition of coat and how your pet behaves for grooming. The price quotes you see are honest and I promise if the price is different when you get here it is not going to be a drastic difference. I am not one to nickle and dime additional fees after you get to my salon. You will find that I am just about half the price of most pet grooming salons.

Any pets with fleas or ticks will be given a flea & tick bath and will be charged an extra $5, I will try to let you know this before hand. I cannot groom pets in my salon that have fleas or ticks without giving them a flea & tick bath as I don't want my pet grooming salon to become infested with fleas or ticks. I go to great lengths to keep my shop clean and free of fleas and ticks. So please be sure to let me know if you think or know that your pet has fleas or ticks before hand so that my price quote is honest and as close to correct as possible, it is greatly appreciated.

Any pets that are severly matted will be charged an extra $5- $20., depending on severity of matts. A few matts are understandable and will not be charged, but please be honest, if your pet is a little, a lot or severly matted please let me know so that I too can be honest with my price quote.